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Financial Peace University

By: Dave Ramsey
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As a young and gifted businessman during the real estate decade of the Eighties, Ramsey, who has a Christian radio talk show, made millions; however, when the market eventually collapsed, the author found himself driving a Jaguar with no money for gas. Using the anger he felt from this experience as a catalyst to write this book, Ramsey bypasses advice on stock and mutual fund selection typically found in similar books and takes aim at the behavioral aspects of personal money management.

Admonishing the reader to avoid the seductiveness of credit cards, among other things, Ramsey illustrates his strategy for dumping debt, which he considers paramount in realizing financial peace. While here and there he incorporates Christian practice, e.g., in the first chapter he uses prayer for gathering his thoughts and later speaks of tithing and charitable contributions, his work is straightforward and written without financial jargon. This is a firm but necessary slap in the face for individuals and married couples just getting out on their own.


“I’m 19 years old and I don’t think I could have selected a better time to buy this book. I currently work my tail off as a plumber while paying for community college. I have a new motorcycle and a newish truck and I really wanted to know where my money was going, how to invest properly, and save for retirement and with the help of this book, I plan to turn my last 3 generations of family poverty around.”Amazon Review

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