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By: Eric Westman
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Leading health blogger Jimmy Moore and researcher and internist Dr. Eric C. Westman join forces again to explain the powerful therapeutic effects of a ketogenic diet–one that combines a customized carbohydrate restriction, moderation of protein intake, and real food-based fats–which is emerging in the scientific literature as a means for improving a wide range of diseases, from Type 2 diabetes to Alzheimer’s and more. Simply eating a low-carb diet alone isn’t enough, and Moore and Westman tell you why.

Have you looked at a low-carb diet simply as a means to lose weight? What if you learned that combining a low-carb nutritional approach with a high fat intake produces a powerful therapeutic effect on a wide variety of health conditions that most people think requires medication to control? That’s what Keto Clarity is all about. Jimmy Moore, the world’s leading low-carb diet blogger and podcaster, has reunited with his Cholesterol Clarity coauthor Dr. Eric C. Westman, a practicing internist and low-carb diet researcher, to bring you the crystal-clear information you need to understand what a ketogenic diet is all about and why it may be the missing element in your pursuit of optimal health. This book includes exclusive interviews from twenty of the world’s foremost authorities from various fields bringing their depth of expertise and experience using this nutritional approach. Moore and Westman clearly explain why ketosis is normal, how this nutritional approach is being used therapeutically by many medical professionals, a step-by-step guide to help you produce more ketones and track your progress, real life success stories of people using a ketogenic diet, and more. The solid evidence for nutritional ketosis in dealing with many of the chronic health problems of our day is presented, including: epilepsy, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn (GERD), nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The good evidence for ketogenic diets is also shared in dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, mental illness, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, narcolepsy, and sleep disorders. Plus, you’ll get the details on the emerging science that is showing great promise in treating cancer, autism, migraines, chronic pain, brain injury, stroke, kidney disease and so much more. Keto Clarity is your definitive guide to the benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet. Full details on Jimmy Moore’s yearlong n=1 scientific experiment of nutritional ketosis, in which he used sophisticated blood testing technology to track and monitor his production of ketones and blood sugar to achieve rather remarkable effects on his weight and health, is also presented as well as food shopping lists, 25+ low-carb, high-fat recipes, and a 21-day meal plan to get you going on your ketogenic lifestyle change. Keto Clarity gives you a whole new perspective on the work that the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins started in earnest with his promotion of the low-carb approach beginning in the 1960s. That revolution continues boldly in this book designed to shift your paradigm on diet and health forever!

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“As a cardiologist I find a role for the low carbohydrate diet to reduce inflammation, shift small dense LDL to a less atherogenic pattern, and to reduce “risk factors” of obesity, high blood glucose, diabetes, and elevated blood pressure. It is the ketone that plays a role in the nutrigenomic “turn on” as well as the metabolic efficiency.

When I wear my “exercise physiologist” hat I have discovered the benefits of the ketoadaptive state for endurance training and competition.

And then as a nutritionist I have found the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet for treating many disorders from Autism to Alzheimer’s. The properly formulated ketogenic diet can reduce seizures in children and increase fertility for hopeful parents-to-be. And for certain pregnant patients with gestational diabetes, or outright clinical type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there is also potential benefit to the mother and fetus. Now the ketogenic diet is being looked at as another therapeutic modality to prevent, retard, and maybe even cure some forms of cancer.” – Amazon Review

“Often when you read a book for nutritional information, it leaves you with as many new questions as answers. Not so with Keto Clarity. This book answers any questions you may have as to why you should follow a more ketogenic diet, then tells you exactly, step by step, how to do it.

The presentation of the information is not only extremely well researched, it is presented in an easily understandable and often humorous fashion. Each quote from one of the twenty two nutritional experts is followed by an explanation by Jimmy Moore that puts it into “plain talk” based on his own experience. Although his data is thorough and ironclad, Jimmy is not a pie-in-the-sky researcher looking down over his lab coat with fistfuls of “studies” but no compassion. Starting his journey at over 400 pounds himself, he is someone who has actually been there and has the t-shirt with all the frustrations of being unwell and overweight while doing all “the right things” that are taught in conventional dietary advice. I think anyone that is struggling with their own health challenges will feel the empathy in his writing.” – Amazon Review

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