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By: James Altucher
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Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Many of us are happy to have a job, we just want a better job, one that fulfills us, makes us wealthy, and brings us satisfaction. Still, income is now permanently going down versus inflation for the average employee. Industry, knowledge, and management are all being outsourced cheaply to other countries or to technology.

Many people mistakenly think that the solution is entrepreneurship. That “entrepreneurship is the pathway to riches”. This is not true. Being an entrepreneur does have great upside but also it has a well-known rate of failure of 85%. There is no way to predict your way out of that 85%.

The solution is to become a rich employee with the mindset and techniques described in this book. This is the first book ever to detail how one can become a rich employee in our times. And there is more: companies in this new century will only succeed if they encourage their employees to develop The Rich Employee mindset.

Written by the author of “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth” which USA Today has called “One of the 12 Best Business Books of All Time” and also the author of WSJ and USA Today bestseller “Choose Yourself” which Forbes recently called one of the “Top Five Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read”, this book gives you the tools to find satisfaction, meaning, and true wealth as a rich employee

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“Some people assume that you need to become a business owner in order to prosper. However, it is not exactly true. 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start business fail within the first 18 months. When we think about becoming an entrepreneur, we might hope that we won’t fall into this category. But we could be mistaken.

Not every person in is cut for business. But you do not have to start business to have more money. The author makes a point key to become wealthier is to have multiple streams of income. First, you can increase your value as an employee by creating more value. Then, you can launch side projects that would bring your more money.

The new economy we live in is about ideas, and you need to generate a constant stream of ideas. You need to become “an idea machine”. Some of those ideas would be worthless, but that’s not a problem. «Give yourself permission to have bad ideas. It is only through diligent mining of the universe inside you that you find the gems that will light up the world».

I highly recommend this book. No matter where you are in life, many of James Altucher’s insights would be beneficial to you.” Amazon Review

“”Don’t look at your job and think, “the grass is greener over there” where “there” might be some startup, or some day-trading career, or some promotion from vice-president to associate senior vice-president. There is always “here”.”

Broadly, the major choices of employment are to work for yourself, or to work for someone else. I’ve spent my entire adult life in a 40k+, public sector organization. And I want out. I want to work for myself, rely on myself, have only myself to fall back on to make sure I succeed. Yeah, I’ve led dozens of other members, plenty of teams and matrixed groups. But all of it–comes back to my own ability to manage and lead myself. Without constraint, restraint, or deception.

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This book is the blueprint for the meta-choice–the choice for working for yourself first. It doesn’t matter the form of the organization you hang your banner in; what matters is you being able to treat yourself like the best employee you’ve ever been. No one ever put the phrase “internal locus of control” in the perspective like this, but this perspective–is powerful.”Amazon Review

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