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See You at the Top

By: Zig Ziglar
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Offering advice on how to succeed, this guide teaches how to build a solid attitude foundation, promoting the value of a healthy self-image and showing how to build such an image. It clarifies why goals are important, and advises how to set them and how to reach them.


“The iconic motivational expert gives a spellbinding talk about goals, commitment, integrity, and faith in one’s resources. In a recording made when Ziglar was in his late 40s, he delivers nonstop aphorisms and stories in his unmistakable preacher’s cadence. He’s a master at projecting palpable good will and persuading his audience to embrace his ideals. Though Ziglar has offered this advice before, he gives it renewed power as he unfolds point after point with a vocal dynamism and confidence that few listeners will be able to resist. The core message is classic Ziglar: All of us can get to the top if we specify our goals, stay positive, and never waver in believing in our right to be happy and successful.” Amazon Review

“I have read this book at least 6 times in the past 15 years and it gets better each time I read it. I always find some new
gold nugget I didn’t pickup the last time I read it.
Zig Ziglar use to sell cookware door to door. And his knowledge and techniques he shares in this book are not rehashed from hearsay but from actual experiences of his climb to the top. If you want to keep climbing to the top(in wealth, health, and happiness)this book is a must read!! By the way, in life, there’s always another step to take to get to the top of the mountain in our journey of life. This book can help you get there.” Amazon Review

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“You don’t have to be in sales and marketing to benefit from this life changing book. Zig gives you step by step details on how to change your thinking, your habits and your future. You can improve your self esteem, family relationships – including parent-child, and definitely your outlook! This book definitely “feeds your brain” with vital nourishment to enable you to achieve your potential – if you put it into practice. Everyone should have this book!” Amazon Review

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